Includes 16" MCS Medium Crash, 18" MCS Medium Crash, and a FREE 10" MCS Splash FREE splash cymbal to round out your kit's sound Precision crafted in..


ROPE TUNED HEADLINER® SERIES WOOD DJEMBE 12" These Djembes are made from a solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany wood, and are hand carved with a ..

147,00€ 155,00€

Meinl Headliner Series Bongos are designed for the beginning percussionist or the enthusiastic hobbyist - great if you're not looking to spend half a ..

98,00€ 103,16€

14" Byzance Traditional Medium Hihat Wide dynamic spectrum with a soft, warm sound. Unobtrusive and controlled open hihat sound with a crisp chick...

333,00€ 350,53€

The Meinl Headliner Series Timbales come in 13" and 14" sizes, are made from chrome plated steel and come with a heavy duty, height adjustable tilting..

119,00€ 125,26€

20" Classics Custom Extreme Metal Ride Unique ride cymbal with a huge bell for a penetrating and loud sound. High-pitched, glassy ping sound with a..

198,00€ 208,42€

18" MCS China Trashy sound with cutting bright overtones and a brash attack. Explosive response with medium sustain. Style: Rock, PopTimbre/Sound:..

93,00€ 98,00€

20" MCS Medium Ride Balanced with a bright, clear ping, and medium sustain. Solid bell cuts through high-volume settings. Style: Rock, PopTimbre/S..

124,00€ 130,52€

Balanced, controllable stick response with a defined ping and a blend of bright overtones. Warm basic sound with medium sustain and bell.Style: Rock, ..

368,00€ 387,37€

20" Byzance Vintage Sand Ride The sandblasted top combined with the partially lathed bottom produce an outstanding dry and fast stick sound with a ..

368,00€ 387,00€

14" HCS Hihat A versatile hihat in medium weight. Warm, clean sound and an articulate open hihat. Style: Rock, PopTimbre/Sound: Mid-BrightCharacte..

80,00€ 84,30€

Product: B18MTCDiameter: 18Style: Rock, Pop, Fusion, Jazz, Funk, RNB, Reggae, Studio, WorldTimbre/Sound: Mid-BrightCharacter: Warm, SmoothPitch: High-..

295,00€ 310,53€

The set comes with a 14" MCS Medium Hihat that has a wide dynamic spectrum and softer response that emphasizes lower pitched musical tones for a brill..

288,00€ 303,15€

Sturdy, extra-duty construction for carrying a maximum of 9 cymbals up to 22" in diameter. The center bolt goes through the lid for added durability a..



Low frequency with a dark and dirty appearance in sound and look. Aggressive attack with a washy, short sustain.Timbre/Sound: Mid-DarkCharacter: Natur..

281,00€ 295,85€

Very special ride cymbal with a unique look and sound. Glassy ping, a warm shimmering body and a nice sparkling decay. The raw black bell delivers a c..

278,00€ 292,63€

Product: B16VCDiameter: 16Style: Pop, Fusion, Jazz, Funk, RNB, Reggae, Studio, World, ElectroTimbre/Sound: DarkCharacter: Vintage, DryPitch: LowVolume..

264,00€ 277,89€

The Meinl TMB Professional Bongo Stand is a user-friendly, quick set up and tear down stand that is made of chrome plated steel. It can cradle every k..

132,00€ 138,95€


Meinl B16MC Byzance Medium Crash Traditional Cymbal with traditional, warm sound in an extremely wide dynamic spectrum. Energetic, exploding attack an..

249,00€ 262,11€

16" Byzance Traditional China Aggressive, brash attack with a complex spread. Trashy sound with an explosive response and long sustain. Style: Roc..

249,00€ 262,11€


Timbre/Sound: BrightCharacter: Explosive, CuttingPitch: HighVolume: HighSustain: MediumWeight: MediumFinish: BrilliantMaterial: B8Lathe: Wide BladeSti..

232,00€ 243,90€

14" MCS Medium Hihat Medium weight cymbal with a wide dynamic spectrum and a clean stick response. Warm, brilliant open hihat sound and a clear chi..


21" Classics Medium Ride Extremely balanced feel with a full, warm sound. Clear ping over an even shimmering wash, with a medium bell and sustain. ..

198,00€ 208,42€

MODERN SNARE CAJON 11 3/4" W X 19 3/4" H X 12" D The snares touch the frontplate from the inside and deliver the classical cajon sound, which is re..

195,00€ 205,26€

18" HCS China Explosive, brash and bright attack with deep, dark and trashy undertones. Style: Rock, PopTimbre/Sound: Mid-BrightCharacter: Warm, H..


Meinl PADJ2-XL-F 14" Travel DjembeProduct: PADJ2-XL-F Colour: Kenyan Quilt Material: lightweight plastic Diametre: 14" Height: 26" Fiber head tr..


The Meinl TMT2R Mountable ABS Steel Jingles Tambourine is a mountable, durable, "sandwich" jingle construction tambourine. It has jingles that have ni..

36,00€ 38,00€

14" Classics Medium Hihat Extremely wide dynamic spectrum with a lively, warm sound. Brilliant open hihat and crisp chick. Style: Rock, PopTimbre/..

169,00€ 177,89€

The Meinl Fiberglass Talking Drum TD7BK has its origin in West Africa. The traditional technique involves squeezing the tuning ropes while striking th..

165,00€ 174,00€

Product: MCS16MCDiameter: 16Style: Rock, PopTimbre/Sound: BrightCharacter: Powerful, Full-bodiedPitch: HighVolume: MediumSustain: MediumWeight: Medium..

78,00€ 82,09€

Meinl MBB Bongo Gig Bag - with heavy-duty zipper, suitable for all bongo sizesProduct: MBB Heavy duty padded nylon Additional room for accessori..

50,00€ 52,90€

Product: C14MCDiameter: 14Style: Rock, PopTimbre/Sound: BrightCharacter: Explosive, ClearPitch: HighVolume: MediumSustain: MediumWeight: MediumFinish:..

149,00€ 156,84€

ORIGINAL AFRICAN STYLE ROPE TUNED WOOD DJEMBE 10" The MEINL Original African Style Rope Tuned Wood Djembes are carved from one solid piece of plantat..

145,00€ 153,00€

Product: HCS20RDiameter: 20Style: Rock, PopTimbre/Sound: Mid-BrightCharacter: Warm, HarmonicalPitch: Low-MidVolume: Medium to LowSustain: Medium to Sh..

72,00€ 76,00€

One of the most popular percussion instruments todayis the Cajon and now with the new MEINL Cajon Kit you can build your own. The kit comes with all t..


The Roar achieves a great and cutting rattling sound by the ball end with your open hand. Great percussion instrument that truly is a standard in perc..


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